The General Ordinances

This edition of the Municipal Code of the Village of Country Club is an original codification for the Village of Country Club.  In preparing this Code the editors used as source material, ordinances of the incorporated herein by the adopting ordinance.  In order to trace the evolution  of each Section, the reader’s attention is directed to the history note appearing in parentheses at the end of that Section. The absence of such a note indicates that the section is new and was agreed upon at the editorial conference and adopted for the first time with the adoption of the Code. 


The Code is divided into seven Titles with Chapters of a like nature grouped therein.  Each Chapter is given a three digit location number corresponding to the Title in which it resides. Each Section is given a six digit number corresponding to the Chapter in which it resides.  This six digit number is separated by a decimal point. The digits ahead of the decimal point represent the section within that Chapter.  By allowing intervals between Chapter and Section designations, future additions to the Code have been facilitated.  In operating under format, the Village maintains great flexibility in the placement of new material. 

2021 Updated Ordinances not found online.


Village of Country Club:

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