Welcome to licenses and permits.

If you would like to open a form on your cell phone you will need to press on the name of the form until a menu pops up. At this point you can choose how you would like to open the form.

To fill out a form on line you can scan the QR Code or Click on the link under the code. After the form has been reviewed you will receive an email with a link to pay online.


Per section 610.150 the Village is creating a NO VISIT LIST that will be given to Peddlers & Solicitors upon being issued a license. If you would like to be added to list please fill out form. NO VISIT LIST FORM

Forms and Prices:

PEDDLERS LICENSE                          Price: $5.00 per a day per a person                      

GARAGE SALE PERMIT                     Price: $5.00                              

BUILDING PERMIT FORM                Price varies click here: Page 1  Page 2

DOG LICENSE                                      Price: $10.00

BUSINESS LICENSE FORM                Price: $25.00

LIQUOR LICENSE FORM                    Price varies click here for full list.

Watch Residence Form


You may apply for the license and permits in the office or online by E-mailing Kerri Krumme, Village Clerk at villageclerk@villageofcountryclubmo.org. The Village Clerk will send an E-mail with an invoice that will allow you to pay online.

There is a surcharge for any credit or debit card transactions.

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